Frame & Lens Information


Progressive I
EyeOne’s Progressive I lenses are designed for general purpose wear, offering clear vision near and far.

Progressive II
EyeOne’s Progressive II lenses provide patients with excellent near, intermediate, distance and peripheral vision, all without compromising the visual quality of any single zone. These lenses are easy to wear and have smooth transitions between the visual zones, making them very easy to adapt to.

Progressive III
EyeOne’s Progressive III provides unsurpassed sharpness in all fields of vision by allowing up to a 30% wider field of vision, even at mid-range. These lenses are easy to wear, even for new progressive wearers. In multiple tests, more than 2,000 total wearers consistently preferred our Progressive III to the Progressive I or Progressive II.


EyeOne offers a wide variety of safety frames that not only look great, but feel great too!

Basic Collection
These frames are included in the price of the lens and no upgrade is required to choose from these frames.

Fashion Collection
This collection is EyeOne’s most versatile collections with 18 styles to meet all of your Rx safety eyewear needs. The collection provides a variety of styles to choose from, some with spring hinges and some without, all at competitive prices.

Premium Collection
This collection has some of the best selling frames in it! These frames capture the essence of what is popular today. These frames are constructed of stainless steel and are a great value for anyone!

Titanium Collection
This collection represents the best of our offerings. It provides fashionable looks while being made of materials designed for strength, durability, and lightweight comfort. These styles will last a while, while providing continuous comfort.

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