shutterstock_96996719EyeOne Safety is the largest, and most trusted, optical shop in the Shenandoah Valley. We are strategically located through Augusta County, Rockbridge County, and the city of Charlottesville, giving us the ability to service industries of any size.

EyeOne Safety supplies the finest industrial safety eyewear available. We have partnered with companies such as Essilor, Titmus, and Hudson to make this possible. EyeOne provides complete, easy to administer safety eyewear programs that begin at the eye exam and follow through to a complete, dispensed pair of OSHA approved safety eyewear. We are proud to certify that all of the frame and lenses we use have been tested in accordance with ANSI Z87.1-2003.

Why Use EyeOne Safety?eyeonesafetyheader
  • Eye Exams are provided at every location and are provided by the same practitioners that administer medical and emergency care.
  • Your employee’s Vision Plan is accepted for Safety Eye Exams. (A company voucher is also an option for exams.)
  • Optical Shops are located in all 7 locations:
  • Fittings are included.
  • Adjustments are always done at no charge!
  • Our Safety Frame Collection offers more than 30 frames!
  • Our Safety Lens Selection is always at its best! With the latest technology available at our finger tips, we can serve you proudly!
OSHA Standardseyeonesafetyheader3

Lens Markings for Rx:

  • Rx spectacles that are impact rated will be marked on the lens with the manufacturer’s logo, impact mark (“+”) and other special markings as indicated by lens type.

Frame Markings for Rx:

  • Rx spectacles that are impact rated will be marked with the manufacturer’s logo, standard marks (“Z87-2”) and impact mark (“+”).
  • All detachable side shields are to be marked “Z87 +” if impact rated.
  • Impact rated frames will be marked “Z87-2 +” on the front and on one temple.

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