Lenses at EyeOneAt EyeOne, we offer the following:

  • Single vision, lined bifocal and trifocal, and no-line bifocals everyday! All lenses are custom made to fit you!
  • Options for scratch resistant lenses that come with either a one or two year warranty!
  • Safety glasses are also available with several styles to choose from. EyeOne makes glasses that pass OSHA standards for your work place or even to use for work at home!

Seeing the World without Lines: Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision, and they supply all the in-between corrections as well. This means that instead of having just two different viewing zones (near and distant), like with bifocals, progressive lenses have progressive powers of correction (from bottom to top), easing eye strain and providing the most natural vision correction.

Progressive Lenses at EyeOneBifocal lenses provide a distinct distance and near viewing area, but no intermediate area (distances 3 feet to 20 feet away, like a computer screen). Abrupt and awkward changes between distance and near fields of vision are separated by lines that can be very frustrating to the wearer.

The world’s very first progressive lens, invented in 1959, was a Varilux lens. Since that time Essilor has continued to innovate and set new standards of performance in vision care for presbyopic patients. Varilux lenses continue to be the #1 prescribed progressive lens by eyecare professionals around the world.

The foundation of a great PAL design is built on four things:

  1. Natural Reading Posture – the wearer must be able to hold his head in a natural posture while reading through the lens.
  2. Proper Near-Zone Placement – while reading, the near zone is properly located in front of the eyes (and this position is different for each wearer.)
  3. Binocularity – the eyes work together to form one image. This requires binocular peripheral balance. When binocularity is challenged, depth perception is lost.
  4. Sharp Central Focus – the central zones of the lens must provide sharp vision. This is the number one explanation of progressive lens wearers.

Progressive lenses provide an uninterrupted view of the world with a gradual focus change from far to near and everything in between without the traditional bifocal line that so many perceive as ugly and a sure sign of aging. The best brand of progressive lenses is far superior to conventional bifocals or trifocals in virtually every comparison.

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